Need To Sell A House So Funky It’s Not Even Livable?

If you have a distressed house so trashed you wouldn’t put your worst enemy in it, watch this video to see exactly how we can buy it directly from you as-as, fast for cash! That means no repairs, no cleaning, no realtor fees and no watching it sit on the market for weeks, months or years! We buy with cash and we don’t care how ugly the house is 🙂

Need to sell a house so funky it’s not even livable? Our latest video explains how WCR Homebuyers c
Video Transcription

Hey everybody, Dustin with WCR Homebuyers here again, just want to take a quick moment to show you this house that we bought, before we before we bring in the dump truck and excavator and tear it to pieces, recycle it and take it to the dump. This one’s in real rough shape, so we made the decision to scrap it, we got it for such a low price that it’s worth it just tearing it to pieces and building something new. You can see over here there’s a pretty nice house over here and there’s a pretty nice house over there, and there’s nice houses in the back. Over here on the other side, there’s an empty lot. There are some nasty houses around her, but this particular block is nice enough that we can build new and still be able to make a reasonable return on our investment. So I’ll take you inside real quick and show you around.

This is the kitchen; you can see these floors are just totally jacked up. The water runs right through here into the house, so these are completely sunken, falling apart. It’s leaking in here. You see this place has not been taken care of. Nasty, nasty, nasty oven stove there, cabinets falling apart. We’ve got rodent feces up here. Everything’s boarded up, because we had people squatting in it, so we had to come in and board it up, when they finally got out of here, but you can see it’s kind of nasty in here.

This carpet’s pretty gross. This thing, heater, does not work. Here’s one bedroom, no lights in here, again floors are just falling apart, walls are crooked, ceiling’s coming down, floors are really soft, so you know that they’re structural issues under there. We can’t even get under the house, the floor space or crawl space is so small.

This is the other bedroom. You can see at one point there are probably some kids living in here, and they had this mirror, so something went awry with this house, and it went downhill.

Here’s the bathroom, kind of gross. You know somebody could live in here if they wanted to, but there’s so much dry rot in the place that it’s really just not worth saving. This is some weird little add-on back here that is definitely creepy. This goes out to the back, but it’s boarded up.

We have Heartwood ReSources, here in Roseburg, coming to pick-up some of these appliances today, so we’re going to be donating as much as we can. We will probably even donate some of the roofing and siding and stuff like that, and we’ll recycle the rest. Probably recycle even some of the concrete and one of the local concrete vendors, like Umpqua Sand and Gravel. So, yeah, a lot of this stuff will get repurposed, so if you guys have a rental or maybe you’re even living in something like this, and you’re just over it, you need to move on, or you have a financial issue, maybe you need so many repairs that you just can’t pay for them, we can help you guys out. We can come in and buy it cash.

This would never sell on the market to a regular buyer, because it cannot be financed, basically you would have to sell it to a cash buyer and then you’re going to have to go through listing it on the market, paying agent fees and all that stuff, when you could just come to us and sell it to us directly. It’s much easier. It’s much faster. We can make you an offer and close in a week, four weeks tops, depends on the situation, but if something like that sounds good to you, give us a call at 541-671-5373, or you can go to our website,, and check us out, there’re lots of good blogs, videos, and information there and learn more about us and get in contact. Thank you 🙂

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