Need To Stop Foreclosure or Pay Off Mounting Debt in Roseburg?

Prevent foreclosure and pay off debt in Roseburg in as little as a few days! Go to now to get a free, no-obligation, cash offer for your house. We always buy as-as so you don’t have to do any repairs or even clean it! WCR is local to Douglas County and we buy houses throughout Oregon. Our simplified process makes selling your house fast and easy. We’ll do all the hard work and never charge commissions or fees 🙂

Need to stop foreclosure or pay off mounting debt?
Video Transcription

Hey everyone, Dustin with WCR Homebuyers here. A lot of house sellers that I meet these days are struggling financially, and they’re just looking for a way out. If you find yourself in that situation, and you need to prevent or stop foreclosure on your house, your options can become pretty limited the longer you wait. If you’re going to go talk to a realtor and try to list it on the market, and get the absolute most for your property, that’s definitely going to take a couple months at least, if not more, especially if the house is distressed and needs a lot of work.

The service we offer is that we can buy houses cash with fast, so that can be very helpful for people in a situation like that, where maybe they have a looming foreclosure or accumulating debt that they need to get paid off. It’s causing them stress and anxiety, and they’d like to just move on with life, get back to doing the things they want, or maybe they just want to sell fast and move out of that old house into a retirement home or apartment, and just make life easier for them.

So if you are facing a foreclosure, I know that’s a scary situation. I’ve worked with a lot of people in that situation. Right now, we are buying a house cash in downtown Roseburg from a guy who … It’s a old house, needs work, has a lot of water damage. If he were to sell it on the market, he’s going to have to clean it and do repairs. He’s older, he doesn’t want to do that. He just wants to get some cash out of it so he can move into a retirement home and enjoy the latter part of life without having to deal with this big house that he’s living in currently that’s full of stuff.

So we’re buying from him for cash. We’re going to close on it in four weeks. He needed four weeks to move out, so that worked out fine. We can close faster than that if we need to. It’s always an option. Minimum probably of a week, we can always work something out. Whatever we need to do to help you guys out. We can get you cash up front, no commissions, no fees. It’s super easy!

What you gotta do is go to and fill out the form on the page to submit your information to us. Then I, myself, will give you a call. We’ll have a discussion, and if it seems like it’s a good fit, then I will come out to your house and take a look around. Meet you in person, shake your hand, and figure out what we’ll be able to pay you for it. We’ll write you an offer. We can do it there on the spot, or I can send it to you if I need to do some checking on pricing and stuff like that.

Then if you like that offer, we can sign on it. We’ll send it to the title and escrow company, and we can close in a few short weeks. You can get your cash and move on with life. It’s really that simple. No signing realtor agreements, no paying six percent commission to realtors, no paying closing costs. We cover all the closing costs for you. That’s included in our price. It just makes things a lot simpler.

So yeah, it can be that easy! In just a few short weeks, you can be done and moving on with life. Go to and check us out. Check out our videos, check out our blogs, learn about how we help people. There’s a lot of good information there. If you want to just give me a call direct, my number is (541) 671-5373. If I can’t pick up, leave me a message. Tell me about the property, give the address and your name. I’ll do some research and get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you 🙂

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