Selling To a Local Homebuyer Versus a National Brand

WCR Homebuyers is Douglas County’s Local reputable professional-homebuyer. In this video we discuss some of they key advantages for you the seller when selling your house to a local homebuyer, versus a national brand, including highest and best offer, flexibility, and trust. Thanks for taking the time to watch! Check us out at for more info!

Selling To a Local Homebuyer Versus a National Brand
Video Transcription

Hey, guys. Dustin with WCR Homebuyers here. Just wanted to take a couple minutes to tell you about a couple of the advantages you have when you sell your house to WCR versus one of the large national home-buying chains that you might come across on the internet. Check us out at, or call/text 541-671-5373.

Obviously, we’re a local company here in Douglas County and this is pretty much the only place we invest. We know this market pretty well. One of the biggest advantages you’re gonna have with us is that we’ll be able to make you the HIGHEST AND BEST OFFER nine times out of 10 because we’re local.

We can come out to your house, see it in person, and do an accurate estimate for what the repairs will be on the house, if needed, and also we have a very good understanding of the real estate market here in Douglas County. We’ll know what we can actually get for the house when we do go to resell it.

A national company, they’re probably going to be making a lot more assumptions when they buy your house. They’re probably going to make you a lower offer because they don’t understand the costs needed to repair the house because they’re not gonna see it in person. They’re across the country or maybe even out of the country, and they’re trying to buy your house from you without even seeing it. They’ll protect themselves by making you a low offer, and if you don’t accept, they’re just gonna move on to the next one.

We’re here local. We want to help you guys out. We’ll come out and see the house and actually do measurements, make sure that we know exactly what it will cost to repair it or do whatever we have to to make it safe for the next buyer, and that’s one of the great advantages you have when you sell with WCR.

The next one is FLEXIBILITY. We’re here locally, so there’s a lot of things we can do for you that some national brand might not be able to do. If you need to go through a probate process for an inherited house, we have contacts here in the community that can help you with that.

We have real estate attorneys and others like that that can help you with that process and make it nice and smooth for you, take that burden off your back. If you’re going through a foreclosure, we can help with that, too. We can buy the house before you go through foreclosure so you don’t have to have that black mark on your credit history.

Other things like bad tenants, we can work with the tenants. We’ll buy it from you with the tenants and get them out of there if we need to do that, or we can help you find solutions to you getting bad tenants out of your house so you can sell it to us.

That’s another big advantage that we have by being here locally, is that we can be boots on the ground helping you with stuff like that. If you’re moving, if you need help moving, we’re here in the community so we can help solve issues like that if you are maybe older and you need help moving your stuff out of your house into a retirement facility or something like that. That’s unfortunate, but we’re here to help. We can help figure that out for you guys. We’re very flexible with what we can do to help you sell your house and move on with the rest of your life.

The third item that I have here for you is TRUST. Our family’s been here in Douglas County in small family businesses since the 1950s. That’s over 60 years, if you do the math. Even after that long, there’s one thing that you learn about a local community, and that’s that trust is key. Your reputation is really all that you have in a place like Roseburg and surrounding Douglas County, Oregon.

Chances are we know a lot of the same people. We’re gonna be upfront and honest with you because our reputation is all that we have. Word spreads fast in a small community about unsavory business people and they don’t last long. We’re in it for the long run.

We’ve been here in the trucking business doing log trucking, we’ve been in the sign business building signs, we’ve been in the real estate industry, as well. We’ve been in the home-building industry. We’ve owned local coffee shops and bookstores in our family. Just go out there in the community and ask about us.

Chances are that you know someone who we know, or maybe we even know each other. A few advantages that you have when you work with someone like WCR, a local homebuyer here in Douglas County. As far as I know, we’re the only local professional homebuyer here in Douglas County.

Again, the HIGHEST AND BEST OFFER because we’ll see your house in person. We’ll know exactly what we can offer you for it. We won’t lowball you just to be safe. FLEXIBILITY, if you guys need help moving or with different legal processes or getting rid of bad tenants, we can help with that. Then TRUST. We’re here in the community. We live here and we raise our family here. We want to be known as the go-to homebuyer here in Douglas County.

If you need help selling your house, if you need to sell it fast, and you need to sell it for cash, get in touch with us through our contact form or call or text 541-671-5373. Our website is Thanks for checking us out!

-Dustin Mellor, Owner/Homebuyer

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